Totally Genius Items for Your School Supply List

There’s no rest for the weary teacher—just as you’re finishing up one school year, you’re already thinking about everything you need for the next one. We know you have the glue sticks and the pencil pouches all handled, but to help you with those harder-to-think-of additions, here are a few often-forgotten items to add to next year’s school supply list.

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1. Sticky Notes

sticky notes

2. Sandwich Bags

For odds & ends
zipper bags

3. Duct Tape

duct tape

4. Paper Plates & Napkins

For classroom celebrations
paper plates

5. Note Cards

note cards

6. Balloons & Streamers


7. Socks

The best whiteboard erasers

8. Clothespins


9. Binder Clips & Post-It Flags

Binder clips

10. Postage Stamps

Kids love snail mail
postage stamps

11. Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

12. Dry-Erase Markers


13. Playing Cards

Indoor recess lifesaver
Lysol Playing Cards

14. Headphones


15. Tissue


16. Glitter

Messy but worth it

17. Brown Lunch Bags

paper bags

18. Lysol Wipes (Of Course!)

Check with your school’s cleaning supply policy first.

Lysol classroom

19. Healthy Snacks

When little Susie forgets her lunch—or when you forget yours


20. Organization Supplies

You can never have enough boxes, bins and baskets
Lysol Organization Supplies

21. Paper Clips

paper clips

22. Cotton Balls

Perfect for crafts… and for a million other things

cotton balls

23. A Stress Ball

Or thirty

Stress Balls

24. Magnifying Glasses

25. A Polaroid Camera

Don’t forget the film

Poloroid Camera

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