How to Earn Money with Lysol & Box Tops for Education™

Box Tops and Lysol

Who wants to help earn cash for their school?

It’s easy with Lysol and Box Tops for Education.

Together,  we want to make sure that teachers get the resources they need to be successful. We want every classroom to be a place where kids can focus on learning, teachers can focus on teaching, and no one has to worry about messy germs making them sick. (Note:  Make sure to check with your school’s cleaning supply policy  before getting started.)

Each Box Tops clip is worth 10 cents. Imagine how fast that cash could add up and make a huge difference for your school!

Are you ready to get started?

Step 1: Find Box Tops.

You can find Box Tops on:

  • Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
  • Lysol Disinfectant Sprays
  • Lysol Bathroom Cleaners
  • Lysol All-Purpose Cleaners

FYI:  You can get a list of all participating Box Tops products here.

Step 2: Clip labels and turn them in to your school.

Simply clip labels and turn them in to your school. (Pro tip: Make a Box Tops collection container and put it in the school office.)

Step 3: Read the FYIs (if you want to).

Lysol® is the exclusive Household Cleaning Products Brand partner with Box Tops for Education. Lysol® is committed to helping schools like yours get funding for education.  Box Tops for Education and associated words and designs are trade, used under license. Go to for more details.

Step 4:  Rinse and repeat.

Okay, so no need to rinse, but your school can earn up to $20,000 this year. So keep clipping Box Tops to help your school get what it needs.

Free classroom guides (with Lysol® coupons inside!) GET HERE