Our Finalists for the Extreme Classroom Makeover Contest

July 17th Update: We just announced our Grand Prize winner! Click here to find out who will be getting an Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition.


Wow. We were absolutely stunned by the amazing stories you shared with us for our Lysol + WeAreTeachers Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition Contest with Brittany Wheaton, aka The Superhero Teacher.

There are no words for the overwhelming need to improve classrooms across the country. Deciding on finalists was incredibly difficult. You are all such incredible teachers, and the love you pour into your classrooms exuded in your entries. We really wish we could flip every teacher’s classroom.

Each of the following entrants will receive a $100 gift card to spruce up their space and the opportunity for The Superhero Teacher to come to their classroom and give it the ultimate makeover. Stay tuned, we’ll announce the grand prize winner on Friday, July 13th.

With no further adieu, please allow us to introduce the top five finalists…

No matter what we are #MSDStrong, via @FiveFootOneTeacher

five foot one teacherEveryone who knows me knows that room 1218 was my favorite place in the world. When I found out that I would be in the 1200 building I was elated to say the least. It was a building that I once walked the halls of as a freshman in high school. To be able to come back to my alma mater, Marjory Stoneman Douglas and teach there was always the dream for me and this year it became a reality. I remember begging everyone at school to let me in early to begin decorating my classroom. I turned it into the most beautiful, comfortable, and inviting space for anyone and everyone. There was wooden wallpaper, twinkly lights, and comfortable chairs for my students. There was unique art on the walls and inspiring messages to encourage my students while in my room. I truly thought room 1218 was my safe space, until February 14th when everything changed. I choose to fight for our 17 angels every single day. I choose light, because that is what my students would want me to do. I walked out of room 1218 that day and will never step foot back inside again. Everything that I once loved and owned is now part of a crime scene. Today, I push a cart around Marjory Stoneman Douglas. I push into 5 different classrooms, and this classroom pictured above is one of them. This is a much smaller classroom than what I was used to and it feels so extremely bare to me. Being able to use this small space for the remainder of this year taught me something though. When my students and I were in this room together, it suddenly felt comfortable. It felt safe. It felt right. Next year, I am truly hoping to make this classroom my new home, but I know that it needs a lot of work and that I can’t do it alone. I want to create a new safe space for my students to feel welcome, comfortable, and inspired. With that said, I feel so grateful to possibly have the opportunity to #FlipMyClassroom this summer. No matter what we are #MSDStrong.

#TexasStrong, @RMP21180

Classroom Makeover Finalist

#flipmyclassroom You should totally choose to flip my classroom for a number of reasons! Let me tell you why! 😁 〰 First of which, I work at a Title 1 school with a majority of our school population on free and reduced lunch. 〰 Secondly, our PTA is very small and nearly dissolved this year due to lack of funding and parent participation. This also indicates the lack of monetary support we teachers receive to supply and set up our classrooms. 〰 Third, the neighborhood and surrounding areas in which my students go to school survived Hurricane Harvey with heavy damage to homes and businesses. 〰 Fourth, I have been spending my own paycheck this summer to try and collect furniture for my students. I’m aiming to have lots of comfortable and flexible seating in our learning environment. (I’m out of money and am a single parent.) 〰 Fifth, our city and community has truly suffered some trying times in this past school year. To include a devastating hurricane, ice storms, heavy flu outbreak and the Santa Fe High School shooting just blocks away. But we came together #texasstrong and #houstonstrong. I’m proud to be a part of that legacy where neighbors and strangers come together in support through the love of humanity. 〰 And lastly, I’m a pretty kick ass teacher (pardon the language). I say this with confidence and sincerity. Those kids love to be in my classroom each of my 14 years of teaching and we have forged amazing relationships that have continued into their adulthood. I’ve always dreamed of creating an inviting space that unites us as a school family and one my students will always feel safe to come back to. 〰 Please #lysol, #weareteachers and #superheroteacher consider me as a candidate to #flipmyclassroom! @lysol @weareteachers @superheroteacher

I am the School Library, via @happiesthippiegypsyteacher

Classroom Makeover Finalist@thesuperheroteacher @weareteachers #flipmyclassroom OKAY! So here is why you should flip my classroom, more or less. I work at a title one school in Port Arthur Texas. We (my students and staff) experienced a huge loss due to Hurricane Harvey. My students didn’t have much and what they did have, was completely lost in the flood. I am an 8th grade reading teacher- but I am also without the official title, the schools library. Yes we have a library, however it’s not always open to students. Our building was not designed to be a school and when it did become a charter school, make shift classrooms were built- I have 80% of a wall, you can see that on the last photo. I have one outlet which means I am limited to where my desk is located. The lack of walls and insulation means my students and I can learn social studies and algebra while in reading class. I have over 800 books I have bought over the years to build my classroom library- but I don’t have the bookshelves or space to display them all. I am in my classroom from 7am to 6pm and almost always have students either learning or reading because it’s the only space they can read “comfortably” that being said.. most of my desks are broken or out of date and don’t fit all my 8th graders. I’ve tried to incorporate flexible seating, but I am hindered due to cost and space. Every year I put every last bit of my pay check into building my library and making my classroom a friendly welcoming environment for all the students at my school(6-12). I don’t make much, because I work for a nonprofit organization and on top of that I pay close to 1400 a month on student loans. I could go on for days.. but really, I just want a relaxing quiet environment that meets all my students needs when it comes to learning and reading. And.. bonus.. every year we have to empty our classrooms- so my classroom is a blank slate right now. They don’t repaint the walls (forever white) and they don’t clean the floors(forever taped for UNICEF dance time).. help me make a beautiful welcoming place for my students. I would be so grateful and my students would be shocked! They don’t think anyone values them. But that’s not true- they are my soul.

A Second Home For My Students, via @Sunflower.Teacher

classroom makeover finalistHi! My name is Trang Bui and I’m a Title 1 Third Grade teacher in Kansas! Though my classroom has transformed from my first year of teaching, I am in need of change for my third year this coming fall! Most of my decor are DIY’s and are starting to fall apart. Over the past two years, I have spent about $2000 of my own money on classroom supplies, decor, and engaging lessons. I would love the chance to create flexible seating and make my second home a place where all students can thrive! Thankful for @thesuperheroteacher & @weareteachers!!! 😍😱🤞🏼 #FlipMyClassroom #title1teacher #roommakeover

Our Classroom, via Ashly Spencer

Classroom Makeover Entry

When I first moved into my classroom, I cried. The carpet walls, painted bulletin board, old ceramic tiles around the window, four outlets, a sink with dirty water, and no storage. It was incredibly overwhelming. You see these beautiful classrooms posted on social media. The students with huge smiles in their amazing learning environment. I wanted to create a beautiful, warm, engaging place for students to learn. Over time I have managed to find creative ways to spruce up our learning space. We started with nothing but four walls, student desks and chairs, teacher desk, and a small group table. Over time we have worked to make it a space of our own. It has taken a lot of time, work, and money. But, each year my students come in and love it as their own. It’s “our” classroom and together we create magic. Students can learn in any environment. It’s not how the room looks that makes them learn and grow. It’s the love that fills the room that makes all the difference. So while my classroom isn’t perfect, my students come in every day ready to create magic. I would love a room transformation. Not for me, but for my students. I want them to have everything they could possibly want and need when they come in each day to create magic. I want them to have a space in the room they look forward to reading in every day. I want them to have a space in the room where they can dig deep into the content. I want them to have a space that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed when we are taking those dreaded state standardized tests. I want them to have a space that lights a fire inside of them. It’s a small room, but my 40 students come in and work hard every day. I want something amazing for them. I have gifted and talented students, special education students, dyslexia students, english language learners, and everything in between. I love working with all my third grade students throughout the day and just want a space for them they will love.

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