How to Make a Container to Store Your Box Tops for Education™

Lysol Box Tops Container Printable

We have a question for you: When a student brings Box Tops for Education to you to help earn money for your school, what happens next?

  1. My students know to drop them into my Box Tops collection container as soon as they walk in the door.
  2. I panic and shove them into my pocket and then later have to smooth them out before turning them in.
  3. I have a manilla envelope to put them in, but the top keeps getting torn off, and the brad no longer works.
  4. I wonder how come no one told me about option A.

If you answered B, C or D, then we have a simple, fun, and very useful how-to for you:  A DIY Box Tops container that will make it even easier for your school to collect Box Tops and earn cash.

Step 1: Wipe, clean, scrub, disinfect, and wipe again.

With all of the messy places in your classroom, we’re sure you’ll have no problem emptying out a container of Lysol Wipes.

Step 2: Print out our free Box Top container labels.

Click here to download your awesome Box Tops container labels.

Box Tops Container printable

Step 3: Gather the rest of your supplies.

You’ll also need colored paper, tape, scissors and glue.

Lysol Box Tops Container Printable

Step 4: Cut out your labels.

Box Tops Container For Your Classroom

Step 5: Wrap, tape and decorate.

Step 6: All done. Put your Container out and start collecting Box Tops.

Make sure everyone knows that every valid Box Tops they bring means more money for your school.

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