Hey, School Nurses! This One’s for You

We would like to take a moment to send a big, giant thank-you to all of the school nurses out there who are working tirelessly to keep our schools healthy.

While the rest of us have one pair of germy hands to wash, you stand up and take responsibility for 100, 200, even 800 pairs.

You really are amazing.

A scraped knee doesn’t stand a chance next to your bandaging skills. A bruised shin is quickly healed with your magic touch and an ice pack. And the germs that are sure to come into your school on a daily basis can’t compete against your superhero disinfecting skills.

We want to take a minute to acknowledge you. We know that without your tireless work, our schools would be a germy mess during cold and flu season. Actually, we take that back. Without your tireless work, our schools would be empty during cold and flu season. Sick kids can’t come to school.

Your work matters.

Every single temperature you take, it matters! Each time you remind children to wash their hands, it matters! Every single surface that you wipe down five times a day, it matters. And every single time you sanitize the hand sanitizer just to make sure that kids aren’t getting sick while they are trying to stay healthy, it definitely matters.

There is no way we can even begin to thank you for your effort to keep our kids healthy, but we wanted to try anyway. We made a special just-for-you health-education kit with a free poster for your office plus four reproducible health-education activities that you can use when you go into classrooms to teach important cold-and-flu-season skills. Click here to sign up, and we will snail-mail you your free poster and activities. It’s just a tiny token of our thanks, sent with much gratitude.

Here’s to a healthy school year!


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